Chris Sandas is a director and photographer with the aspiration of integrating visual aesthetics with creative storytelling.


At a time where most kids are busy with after school practices and Friday night local football games, Chris spent his time slightly differently. At a young age he found himself addicted to his parents’ vinyl collection, glued to the TV watching music videos, and keeping up in everything pop culture. It was in high school that he picked up his first camera and found a purpose for these seemingly useless passions. Able to charmingly persuade teachers to make short films as exam alternatives, he soon developed the desire to branch out and create his own projects outside of class. 


Ensuring he would never be able to find a formal job, he went on to major in TV & Film at Rowan University. It was there he created his own music videos and campus TV shows, while also directing and producing numerous student films. He worked in other departments such as audio, lighting, camera, and editing to develop a broad skill set. 


He pursued internships in New York City at IFC films and Greencard Pictures for the unique opportunity to gain direct knowledge from industry professionals and learn how to advance his career. Today, besides constantly developing his own artwork, Chris networks with emerging local artists to craft exciting and creative work. Contact Chris if you’re interested in collaborating on a project.



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